I’m sure that if I had owned my two ALPBOCK T-shirts years ago, I would have been spared from many colds after my winter sporting activities such as alpine skiing and cross-country skiing. The usual synthetic multifunctional wear directly on my skin was always uncomfortable for me, and even when putting it on, I found it to be cold. On the other hand, the ALPBOCK T-shirts are always very pleasant on the skin, even when they become slightly soaked with sweat. I had known about the first wool alternatives years ago, and my Swabian colleague back then said, ‘It’s great, but it does itch a little bit.’ Itchy wool? … unimaginable for me. So, for years, I was stuck with cotton shirts, which I would change, especially during hikes in the summer, at the latest when reaching the peaks of mountains. I noticed that it doesn’t need to be washed automatically every time, as it is in the case with synthetics.
To make it short, ALPBOCK T-shirts have been by far the best thing I have bought when it comes to sportswear for years.