Thanks to careful selection of fine merino fibers and the use of specialized spinning technology, we are able to create an exceptionally fine yarn. This results in a fabric that is incredibly comfortable, soft, and lightweight, yet remarkably durable. Whether you’re embarking on a new adventure or simply going about your day, ALPBOCK T-Shirt offers natural performance without limits, allowing you to fully enjoy and live your activities.

At ALPBOCK Sportswear for Life, we not only prioritize high-quality standards and aesthetic appeal but also uphold our responsibility towards people, animals, and the environment. We are dedicated to sustainability, ensuring that our products contribute to the preservation of nature for future generations. This focus and commitment define our ethos here at ALPBOCK Sportswear for Life.

We trust in EU competence and guarantee a fair and smooth production process. Therefore, our suppliers and manufacturers are only from EU – Austria, Germany, Czech Republic, Italy, Slovakia, Poland and Romania – the short routes reduce CO2 burden. They are using power from solar panels, reuse water in production up-to 50% thanks to innovative and patented solution, use technologies which save resources and therefore are able to reduce material waste at production sites. Our suppliers are OEKO-TEX, GOTS or bluesign® certified.

All our fabrics adhere to the highest OEKO-TEX standard ensuring sustainability and the well-being of our customers by avoiding harmful chemicals in our textiles.


Merinowool from New Zealand

Furthermore, our dedication to animal welfare is reflected in our sourcing of mulesing-free Merinowool from New Zealand. This means that our wool is sourced from sheep that have not undergone the painful procedure of removing strips of wool-bearing skin, thus ensuring their well-being and happiness. When you admire your timeless and naturally functional merino ALPBOCK Sportswear for Life, you can do so with the confidence that the merino fibers come from happy and healthy sheep.

Locally sourced wool 

As regional sourcing is one of the key priorities for us, we obtain wool from the Bodensee region and Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg. This ensures a local wool collection with minimal transportation. Our supplier, Lavalan, guarantees the highest quality European wool, adhering to strict European regulations concerning animal welfare and ensuring it is mulesing-free.
The collection takes place at designated points where farmers directly provide freshly shorn wool. The gathered wool undergoes classification based on quality, considering factors such as fineness, length, crimp of the fibers, and even color.

Wool – excellent alternative

Wool stands out as an excellent alternative to synthetic fibers, given its natural functionality, performance, and undeniable sustainable benefits. Opting for local wool not only enhances added value but also promotes awareness of locally sourced wool.