At these times sneak around me more and more the memories about past and bringing thoughts. Thoughts, on moments which always remind that our generation witnesses such as huge transformation of nature. It is just on us how much we are willing to contribute to change it.

I grew up in a place where the agriculture brought fruits and vegetables almost for whole country. When you went to garden or field during the spring or summer, you got there so much noise, the noise, you do not hear any more in that extend. Noise of all flying insects, bees, wasps, beetles, butterflies, grasshoppers, insects of every size and color more or less everywhere. Everything was green and full of life, and garden or field was packed with colourful flowers in garden. I ate only seasonal vegies and fruits, all we got from garden or market – products from just “behind the doors of market”. Everything was regional. When harvest allowed, mostly did, those vegies and fruits growers sold their harvests to canning factory which was in the town and employed 2-3 thousand of people. The products they made, ready-made products, tasted differently, much better – full of taste. What do you think why?

Summertime’s I spend by grandma, in mountains, surrounded by forest. I enjoyed many evening sittings outdoor by fire and hearing always some voices from forest… even now I feel that cold on my back and either tender and warm mum’s hand or the strong hand of my father telling me “You do not need to fear, all will be good”. Or going to “explore” that stream with running the cleanest and coldest water I ever remember. That water was so cold even in middle of summer. We could not walk through in shoes because once they dried, they shrank unbelievably much. Then we were not allow to go there again, no one would buy us every time we step in that stream a new pair of shoes. Of course, we did anyway. I am quite sure, our parents knew it. But they knew that we have to freeze barefoot in that stream as well.

Now. Think about spring or summer when the nature has to be full of flowers and flying insects, birds… Is it still as used to be? No. When I return where I was raised, summer became the worst time for me to visit. (I know, I know, I can enjoy the open thermal pools almost in every town or village.) But grass is not green anymore, only dry and yellow rest of something what used to be a grass. There may be a summer without rain for some weeks. Then, you think about the deadly heat ways in 2003 in Europe. France was hit very hard, seven days in a raw above 40°C. Flooding in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Netherlands, UK or most recently in Germany, I thing for 2 years. So many people lost their lives or homes. Also, you can read the work of scientist about the vanishing of ¾ flying insects in Germany’s nature reservoirs over the course of 25 years. Why? Because contamination by pesticides, chemicals which ensure better harvest in agricultural production area. Those are also used to grow plants for textile industry.

Vorarlberg. Already some years I am living in green and wonderful Vorarlberg and I see and feel the change also here. Weather changes. Summer becomes really hot, and 2 years ago in summer barely rained, apart of 1 day which brought flooding. Also winters has changed, first snow used to come at the end of October or beginning November, one get snow now up higher and higher, Christmas are often without snow, unless you are living somewhere really up in mountains. You see it also in Silvretta where the glaciers melt down – already lost 46 m according scientists. To read more details about topic follow this link.

Current state of economy lies mainly on imperative expansion or growth. Industrial production and consumption is measured by gross domestic product (GDP). It became a measure of prosperity. This economic system needs to be reconsidered and new ideas brought in. Some kind of economy which focuses on higher goals than only on the growth at first place.

For example, the fashion industry is projected to grow early by rate of 2.7%. In 2018 this industry produced globally 3.0 billion tonnes of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Global market growth of apparel industry is set to more than 6%, and up to 150 billion garments are produced annually. Global human population growth is 1.1% annually. So, this is a clear sign of apparel overproduction leading to unbelievably huge creation on waste on landfills. When said huge, it means really huge! Some 92 million tonnes of waste per year! Once reached landfill, it pollutes land, water and air. More to be revealed here.

“Quality and materials that ensures long-lasting apparel and footwear products leading to reduction of waste and pollution and developing new approach – Less is More.”

Unless, the change of economy comes through, the overproduction and using available resources will keep the pressure on the living world. For many, nature is something out there, separated from us. It never was and never will be, unless we, or rather our next generations, want to move to live on moon.

New perspective and ideas will bring brighter and greener upcoming days. The grey visions of our future will disappear and suddenly everything will be seeing differently.

I like to live a time in future when I am again going for fishing. Streams and rivers are packed with fish and crab, and clear water runs through so that I look on the hook inside water to see, if fish is in.

I like to live a time in the future when I’m again attacked by number of the insects while being outdoors. I had to sit by the fire. This is the only place giving me protection, heat and the smoke. These freed me from those attacks.

I like to live a time in the future when the European forests are again green and full of life, and rainforest grew again across the Amazon.

I like to live a time in the future when the winter is again winter, winter full of snow.

I like to live a time in the future when global temperature is again stabilised and the whole ecosystem recovered.

The wealth became fairer and income equals.

We take less, but we got so much more. Or we buy less to get more. What do you think?