Modular Insulation Vorarlberg Wool Jacket


Experience comforting embrace of Vorarlberg’s (Austria) warmth like never before with our Light Modular Isolation Wool Jacket. This exceptional Jacket goes beyond seasonal boundaries and traditional design, wrapping you in a fusion of next-generation material and bio-wool delivers unmatched performance. Not forgetting, it is MADE in EUROPE!



At the heart of this jacket is bio-wool sourced from Vorarlberg in Austria, adding a touch of natural premium quality. This wool brings its performance and our statement to be MÄHHR regional and use as much as possible regional resources. Warmth, insulation, moisture management, and thermoregulation, creating a microclimate beneath the jacket that remains comfortable without causing condensation are just a few from vast number of wool functionalities.



lavalan® - the wool insulation - a truly natural, renewable and sustainable alternative to polyester fillings 

Wool is a fibre that provides unmatched breathability, cozy warmth and a constant body climate regardless of activity levels or altering weather conditions. Besides its thermo regulating properties, wool is capable to neutralize bad odours for a longer use without unnecessary wash cycles. This makes lavalan the perfect insulation for everyday life, travel and multiple day mountain adventures.

The wool for lavalan is solely sourced from European countries after highest quality and animal welfare standards. European wool is mulesing-free. For lavalan it is crucial that no sheep are tortured, neither during breeding nor the shearing process.




Complementing this timelessly functional material is the innovative fabric from DYNTEX - a next-generation material crafted from cutting-edge technologies. Derived from castor beans, this fossil-free material stands as a testament to sustainability. Beyond its eco-friendly credentials, this ultralight polyamide doesn't just provide unparalleled warmth, it ensures swift drying and effective odour control, redefining comfort in every activewear. Our jacket protects you against the elements, providing water and wind repellence, making it your companion through changing weather conditions. Embrace a garment that not only elevates your style but also champions sustainability and performance.



Embodying a conscious approach, we have incorporated a modular design, allowing the jacket to transform seamlessly into a versatile vest for extended time-wear, and you to adapt effortlessly to changing environments. From spring to autumn, this Jacket combines style and functionality. It goes beyond conventional boundaries, presenting itself as an active style statement that effortlessly serves to your dynamic lifestyle.

With this jacket, step confidently into a world where cutting-edge technology meets timeless functionality.


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S, M, L, XL



  • Locally sourced Bio-Wool and fabric
  • Designed in Vorarlberg and Manufactured in EU in a family-owned small business specialized on sustainable production
  • Modular Clothing System – Removable sleeves and hood
  • Ultra-light insulation jacket
  • Optimal climate regulation underneath the Jacket
  • Water & Wind repellent
  • Reflective zipper tape
  • Zipp opener on both sides
  • Two zipped side hand warmer pockets
  • Zippered inner pocket
  • Free from vapour condensation



  • Outer & Inner Fabric: 100% Bio-origin Polyamide sourced from castor beans
  • Insulation: Lavalan padding 60 g/m2: 80% Bio-wool from Vorarlberg in Austria, 20% Polylactic Acid


  • All-day, Travel, Active, Sport
  • Outdoor activities, Trail, Bike, Ice Skate, Ski touring, Ski, Hiking



Gentle machine wash 30°C, ideally on wool setting. Do not iron or dry clean. Do not bleach or tumble dry.