We are Europe


All our products are meticulously engineered and designed in Vorarlberg, the westernmost state of Austria, bordered by Germany, Switzerland, Liechtenstein, the Austrian Tyrol, and Lake Constance. Every product and our unique Ländlesox are produced based on our original sketches and specifications. Creating products that meet our high standards takes time and requires close collaboration with our expert manufacturers.

Our commitment to quality is evident in our careful selection of materials, extended development periods, and the expertise we bring to the process. Meeting our stringent demands for fit and using exclusive materials does come at a higher cost, but it ensures the superior quality we strive for.

We partner with factories across Europe, each a specialist in their field. What unites them is a shared passion for creating exceptional products that delight our customers. Together, we are dedicated to delivering quality, performance, and happiness.



SOCKS MAnufacturer – czech republic

Socks are crafted by a traditional company, one of the oldest and most experienced hosiery manufacturers in the Czech Republic. Thanks to Tomáš Baťa, who introduced sock production in 1935. This company has a rich heritage and expertise in creating exceptional socks and tights.

Locally sourced wool 

As regional sourcing is one of the key priorities for us, we obtain wool from the Bodensee region and Bregenzerwald in Vorarlberg. This ensures a local wool collection with minimal transportation. Our supplier, Lavalan, guarantees the highest quality European wool, adhering to strict European regulations concerning animal welfare and ensuring it is mulesing-free.
The collection takes place at designated points where farmers directly provide freshly shorn wool. The gathered wool undergoes classification based on quality, considering factors such as fineness, length, crimp of the fibers, and even color.

Wool – excellent alternative

Wool stands out as an excellent alternative to synthetic fibers, given its natural functionality, performance, and undeniable sustainable benefits. Opting for local wool not only enhances added value but also promotes awareness of locally sourced wool.