Ländlesox – Designed Socks


These Designed Socks are made for those they bored of old socks designs. They are fresh and colorful, just like the life we are living. 



Tired of the Same Old Sock Designs?


Looking for something unique and regionally inspired?

Discover Jan's URBAN DESIGN debut featuring the Lake Constance region. Our first series highlights the iconic sights of Dornbirn and Bregenz.

The blue in our designs represents Lake Constance and its crystal-clear waters flowing down from the surrounding mountains. Each pair of socks and our unique Ländlesox are produced based on our original sketches and specifications.

Explore a new dimension of style and comfort with our regionally inspired socks.

They are made in two unisex sizes: 37-41 and 42-45

Composition: 80% cotton and 20% polyamide. 


Additional information


37-41, 42-45

Key Features

  • Regionally inspired design – iconic sights of Dornbirn and Bregenz
  • Makes you happy by bringing memories on places you visited
  • Extended Longevity
  • Designed in Austria
  • Made in Europe


  • 80% Cotton and 20% Polyamide


Gentle machine wash 30°C. Do not iron or dry clean. Do not bleach or tumble dry.